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Unicorn makeup brushes morphe 14 - cool images

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Unicorn makeup brushes morphe 14
Unicorn makeup brushes morphe 14 - images / 1053359

Unicorn makeup brushes morphe 14. ID of this image is 1053359.
If on the eve of makeup development the main goal was to modify the appearance, to change it according to the fashion standards of each particular time period, now the situation changed. No one applies crocodile's poo for the soft skin, drinks vinegar or use titanium to change the completion, add copper to the eyeshadows for longer lasting or use toxic herbs for the brighter eyesight.
Women want not just to be beautifully applying the makeup, but stay healthy. So here the well being goes hand in hand with beauty. Each and every successful modern brand not just produces cosmetics. They try to make the products healthier, more natural, «greener» even, by using more plant extracts and oils. At the same time, the total amount of chemically created components increases as well. But in comparison to the cosmetics which our mothers used, they became less aggressive and more health-friendly, which reflects the common tendency «back to nature».
As the burst of makeup and fashion development in the middle of 20th century was closely connected to the social transformations and the industrial revolution, today's «back to nature» approach can't be divided from the situation around us. Fashion, in general, is very sensitive to the smallest shifts in the world, so it can be said without any hesitation that today's cosmetics has lost the casual, cozy borders when only European brands were considered to be good and worth attention. Now, when East has met West not just geographically but economically, a bunch of new brands appears on the market, using a bright combination of Asian approach and modern technologies. And, what is more important, this concept was promptly grabbed by the biggest cosmetic brands worldwide.



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